Princess’ Oral Hygiene Experience: Dental Scaling and Prophylaxis – Part 2

In the morning, Princess’ bloodwork was performed to ensure that she was healthy for the general anesthesia.  She was then placed on intravenous fluids to maintain her hydration and blood pressure while she is under anesthesia. Her anesthetic doses are calculated based on her weight in the morning. She is given a “pre-medication” that consist of a mild sedation with pain relief to prepare for her procedure.


Once Princess is nicely sedated, we begin to put her under full anesthesia. She is given an injection of a safe induction agent through her IV, so she goes completely asleep. Then an endotracheal tube is placed down her trachea so that she is hooked up to the anesthetic gas that will keep her asleep during the entire dental procedure. Through out this process, a veterinarian, registered veterinary technician and an animal care attendant monitors her vitals.

IMG_2650IMG_2652 IMG_2651

Once she was stable, we began to probe and complete her dental charting to evaluate her teeth and look for dental disease. During the charting, we discovered that Princess had a fractured lower premolar. This could be the reason why she was chewing on only one side of her mouth.

IMG_2654 IMG_2657 IMG_2658


At Cedarbrae Veterinary Clinic, we take dental x-rays prior to removing any teeth. We use a digital dental x-ray machine.  The x-ray images are viewable on a computer screen within seconds of being taken. Once we are satisfied in having identified all areas of concern, we administer a nerve block so that her gum and the area around the tooth are numb. This will make her face feel numb when she wakes up, but she will be pain free.


Once the tooth has been removed, we smooth the sharp areas and close the opening with sutures that dissolve once the area has healed over the next 90 days. By using dissolving sutures, Princess will not have to endure any undue stress.

Dental Polishing

IMG_2664Princess awakens from her anesthetics, comfortably lying on a warming mat, wrapped in a fleece blanket with warming bags beside her. Pain relief medication have recently been administered so she is comfortable and relaxed.

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