Princess’ Oral Hygiene Experience: Dental Scaling and Prophylaxis

Back in the summer, I noticed that Princess’ teeth were progressively getting dirtier and her breath was getting worse even with daily dental chews.

IMG_3082   IMG_3081

Princess does not like getting her teeth brushed and after several days of repeated oral examinations, she began resenting the me looking into her mouth.

IMG_5625  IMG_5624

As Princess is diabetic, and requires daily insulin injections, it is crucial to take care of all other medical problems as they can interfere with her blood glucose levels. We scheduled her for a dental scaling and polishing.

As most dogs are afraid of loud sounds and will not sit nicely for us to scale their teeth, therefore, they must be anesthetize for their dental scaling procedure.  In Ontario, it is illegal to perform any dental work on dogs and cats without general anesthesia.

Follow Princess’ on her Oral Hygiene Experience: Dental Scaling and Prophylaxis.